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King Crab Facts

This species is the largest among others that’s the reason why people call it “King”. As we all know that king crab size is not a joke. It can grow until it can have a width of up to 28 cm (11 inch), a leg span of 1.8 m (5.9 ft) and a weight of 12.7 kg (28 lb). The males usually grow larger than females. Why people call it red king crab is because when we cook this crab, the colour will change into red colour. This crab contains flavourful meat and it tastes really good. No wonder why the prices are high and not all people can afford to eat this crab.

What it’s looks like

As you probably can guess by what it’s called,red king crabs have a reddish colour that can vary from dark red to burgundy brownish. Sharp spines covered its whole body. Red king crabs are known as the largest crabs in Alaska. males red king crabs can grow much larger than females, since they don’t spend as much energy in their reproduction. The weight of female red king crab can reach up to about 10.5 pounds. For the male, the largest male that has been found weighs up around 24 pounds and the legs are 5 feets Imagine, it is a big monstrous crab but at the same time it tastes delicious. Don’t forget about the price also would be horrifying. King crab has three pairs of legs and one of the claws is larger and it uses it to crush its prey.

How to differentiate male and female

There is one way to identify which one is male or female. Just the same as other crabs, we can differentiate the crabs gander in looking at the flaps that are beneath them. The flaps is a shell which is triangular shaped for males and rounded in females. For females, the flap would be larger because it carries eggs with it. To keep and preserve the king crab population, only male king crab can be harvested. If you eat king crab, it is more likely you eat male king crab.

Where are the habitats

Usually red king crab species live in cold water and origin to the pacific ocean. Even though they were also intentionally introduced into the Barents Sea 200. In the Pacific Ocean, they are found from Alaska to British Columbia and Russia to Japan. They are usually found in waters less than 650 feet deep. This crab eats a variety of creatures such as algae, worms and small fish.

How the crab reproduce

Red king crabs reproduce sexually, with internal fertilization. Mating occurs in shallow water. Depending upon their size, females can produce between 50,000 and 500,000 eggs. During mating, males grasp the female and fertilize the eggs, which she carries on her abdominal flap for 11-12 months before they hatch. Once the eggs are hatched, they look like shrimp and tend to be driven by tides even though they can swim.